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When you enjoy the lifelike animatronic dinosaur or animtronic animals entertainment, Let's see Pestyle professional workers main workfow how to make it:

Step 1:  Mechanical Metal Framework

By art designer mechanical drawing, Pestyle professional machinist use good quality galvanized pipe or steel piple to make animatronic dinosaur metal framework.

The step require good welding with right animatronic dinosaur size. And worker will put anti-rust paint on pipe to enhance metal frame without rusty.

animatronic dinosaur framework

animatronic dinosaur manufacturer

t rex dinosaur framework

Step 2: Put motors with layout electrical wire on the metal frame

The process require proofessional electrical engineers put right motor in right place of metal framework by dinosaur size and movement requirement. 

making animatronic dinosaur

dinosaur maker make animatronic dinosaur

Step 3: Put sponge on the metal framework

The different place of framework will be put different thick sponge as some movement or not movment framework need different thick spone to make flexible dinosaur movement.  

animatronic dinosaur t rex is making in factory

long neck animatronic dinosaur is making

animatronic dinosaur long neck dinosaur

Step 4: Sculpture sponge for animatronic dinosaur or animatronic animals image

Pestyle expert artis sculpture the very life-sized dinosaurs or animals, it's vivid amazing handmade art crafts

animatronic dinosaur sculpture sponge

baby dinosaur is making in factory

Step 5: Texture sponge skin and stick stocking on sponge by clear glass cement 

The step need professional workers with patience and sense of art beauty to make good texture for mechanical dinosaur

texture animatronic dinosaur

animatronic dinosaur manufacturer

giant dinosaur long neck dinosaur is making

Step 6:  The last step painting color to make lifelike animatronic dinosaur

Pestyle expert artist painting right professional color to make the real dinosaur not dinosaur toy

painting animatronic dinosaur

animatronic dinosaur theme park

t rex Jurassic park

Pestyle professional expereince artist engineers workers to create the high quality lifelike animatronic dinosaur by strictly workflow with quality control insepct system and make people and kids enjoy these real dinosaurs in Jurassic park. 

dinosaur park exhibition

giant t rex dinosaur park exhibition

animatronic dinosaur t rex park exhibition Free Import Export Trade Leads
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