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Animatronic Animals-Park Exhibition
  • Animatronic Animals-Park Exhibition
  • Animatronic Animals-Park Exhibition
  • Animatronic Animals-Park Exhibition

Animatronic Animals-Park Exhibition

Lifelike Animatronic Animals Park Exhibition in Middle East .
-- Movement: (customized)
1.Mouth open /close with vivid sound; 2. LED eyes blink
3.Head shaking(up/down/left/right); 4.Neck up/down
5.Stomach breath; 6. Front claws move; 7.Tai wagging

Do you watch Hollywood hot movie – King Kong? The Gloria - King Kong is kind heart and brave to fight with the huge dinosaur to save and protect beautiful main actress Anne, the touching story to give us good impress of King Kong.

Now our old Dubai client order Pestyle some Animatronic Animals for the Lunar New Year 2016 Muscat Festival exhibition. These animal models Such as King Kong V Godzilla, Panda Family, Walking polar bear and white tiger, Mammoth spray water etc. Pestyle expert Artist and professional engineers to make these life-size Animatronic Animals to support our customer the Animatronic Animals exhibition successful well done.

Ready? Let’s go to play with nice King Kong and watch Polar bear, white tiger, Mammoth spring water etc. Animal is human good friends, we love animals and live with them in the wonderful world.

Product Name Animatronic Animal Brand Pestyle
Model NO. PSAA-160003/6  Type
Handmade Simulation Animatronic Animal
Size Customized Application amusement park, theme park, exhibition etc.
Color Simulation Color / Customized Place of origin Sichuan ,China
Main Material High quality steel frame, sponge, silicon Feature Water/ Damp /Sun/Freeze-proof
Lead Time Around
25-35 days or depend on the quantity of detail order.
Warranty 12 months
Control Mode 1.Infrared sensor control
2.Remote control
Movement 1.Mouth open /close with vivid sound
2.LED Eyes blink
3.Head shaking(up/down/left/right)
4.Neck up/down
5.Stomach breath
6. Front claws move
7.Tail Wagging
8. Spray water /fire (any movement customized) Free Import Export Trade Leads
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