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Let's learning some dinosaur biologies to know more about the giant mistery creature dinosaurs to prompt our world development progress.

1: Tyrannosaurus rex (T rex)

Dinosaur T rex

T Rex was one of the largest land carnivores of all time; the largest complete specimen. T Rex is the king of the dinosaurs, and certainly the most famous dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus Rex has lived in the imaginations of children and adults for decades. Staring in many films, books and television shows, Tyrannosaurus was certainly a terrifying hunter and the giant creature in our planet.

Family              Tyrannosauridae
Period               Late Cretaceous
Habitat              Forests and swamps of North America
Height               12 feet
Length               40 feet 
Weight               8.4-18.5 metric tons
Diet                    Carnivorous
Special features   Large head with numerous teeth; Short degradation and hind legs sturdy 


2: Lufengosaurus

Animatronic Dinosaur theme park

Lufengosaurus meaning "Lufeng Lizard" is original prosauropod dinosaur that lived in the one hundred and eighty million years ago in the early Jurassic period in what is now southwestern China, with a small head and very long neck, short forelimbs, hind legs stout, able to walk by two upright legs, tail thick, it is herbivorous dinosaurs.

Family              Massospondylidae
Period               Jurassic period
Habitat              Southwest China
Height               6.6 feet
Length               30 feet
Weight               1.7 metric tons
Diet                   Herbivore
Special features   Head is very small, feet have toes, toes have thick claws. Short forelimbs are with 5 fingers. At body’s behind dragging a stout big tail to support its body when its standing. This behavior is much like today's kangaroo.  

3. Mamenchisauridae

Mamenchisaurus lived around 155 million years ago during a very warm and wet period of the Earth's history. This dinosaur is the longest neck dinosaur. Many paleontologists believe that it used its massive neck to eat foliage on the ground. They believed that Mamenchisaurus would have swung its neck in a giant arc, eating everything it could eat. Then it would have taken a step forward, and started the process over again.

Family              Mamenchisauridae
Period              Late Jurassic
Habitat             Forests of Asia
Height              23 feet
Length              72feet 
Weight              55 metric tons
Diet                   Herbivore
Special features    Unusually long neck, has the longest neck in the world 

4. Sauroposeidon   

Poseidon dragon (generic name: Sauroposeidon), also known as sea dragon, sea dragon lizard, herbivorous dinosaurs, Survival in the Early Cretaceous, with the more famous Brachiosaurus have close kinship. Poseidon dragon is emerging in North America the latest big Brachiosaurus dinosaur. Poseidon dragon is currently the highest known dinosaurs.

Family              Saurischia
Period               Early Cretaceous
Habitat              North America
Height               56 feet
Length               98-112 feet
Weight               55 metric tons
Diet                    Herbivore
Special features     The vertebrae is very long, neck and body are slim Free Import Export Trade Leads
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