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Lantern Festival is Chinese traditional art crafs. Ziong,China make Lantern is over thousand years history and well-known China Lanter City for worldwide. Let's see Pestyle expert artist team members' Lantern Festival Workflow to see how they make the amazing Lantern
Step 1: By clients requiremet design the lantern sketch, color, size etc. art drawing.

lanterns drawing

lantern drawing

lantern sketch

lantern drawing

Step 2: Make lantern drawing on the flat ground by art designer drawing proportion

lantern drawing on ground

monkey lantern drawing on ground

dragon head lantern drawing on ground

Step 3: Make flat pattern by round steel or iron wire with the lantern drawing on the ground

making lantern framework on ground

making chinese lanterns framework

making lantern framework

Step 4: Make stereo modeling lantern framework by round steel or iron wire

You can see lantern framework is some different with animatronic dinosaur framework by different raw materials.

Make lantern framework

lantern framework

lantern framework

making lantern framework

making lantern framework

Step 5: Welder make lantern steel carriage to support lantern framework

lantern framework steel carriage

lantern framework steel carriage

Step 6: Electrician put LED lights with layout cable by design color and lighting requirement of lantern

making chinese lanterns

Step 7: Use silk fabric of different color and type to past on the lantern framework by designed color to make decoration lantern. Or use some other special material e.g. china bottle, glass bottle etc. around lantern framework

making lantern festival

making chinese lanterns

Step 8: According lanterns design, if need it by some project, carpenter will make wooden board frame of lantern and use special craft to curve decoration pattern on it with painting

making chinese lanterns wooden board

By above main workflow, lantern festival almost done and will be installed on site

dragon head lantern

lantern dragon barge

Install lantern festival

lantern statue liberty

lantern festival statue liberty

Wow, let's enjoy the amazing China traditional handmade art crafts Lantern Festival, it lights the work to make better place!

lantern festival exhibition

lantern festival

chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns exhibition

lantern festival
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