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Animatronic Animals Character Figures Art Crafts World

A few months ago, overseas clients customized some animatronic animals, character figures, ocean creature for 2017 New Year entertainment exhibition amusement.

animatronic animals camel

E.T. character figures

animatronic animals model
Make lifelike animatronic animals need artist more experience with vivid image. Look at the Zebra, the beautiful texture are artist hand drawing and the hair of camel or buffalo are stick pieces by workers hands. That’s handmade art crafts looks more lifelike with good image.

animatronic animals zebra

animatronic animals buffalo

animatronic animals model exhibition

from hot movie character figures octopus, some ocean creature, talking tree and dinosaur costumeClients also customize . All these are wonderful vivid art crafts with Pestyle artist heat and soul to make our world more beautiful

dinosaur costume model

ocean creature octopus

talking tree model

E.T. movie figures

E.T. character figures Free Import Export Trade Leads
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