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Animatronic Dinosaur Be Installed In Park

When you visiting Jurassic park to see all kinds of animatronic dinosaur, do you know how animatronic dinosaur be installation in park? As they are not dinosaur toy to be taken by hands, they are big dinosaurs

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t rex animatronic dinosaur

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When animatronic dinosaur arrives in theme park, for small dinosaurs, worker need take them out from container and transport dinosaurs by forklift to the right site. And for huge animatronic dinosaur, e.g. T rex, or long neck dinosaur need upload them by crane uplift to right site. During uploading these animatronic dinosaurs, we need be careful operation to avoid broken skin and mechanical frame and motor of dinosaurs. And need look for right place to uplift dinosaur with balance by crane.  

The installation of animatronic dinosaur not complicated, just need more careful with professional installation to be sure best model exhibition in theme park. When workers finished installation and fix all dinosaurs in normal use, people can enjoy these real dinosaurs to entertainment and education.

Pestyle company is professional dinosaur maker from maufacturing, international shipment and installation on site etc., we can offer full quality service with quality animatronic dinosaur, animatronic animals, character statues etc. lifelike art crafts to best support worldwide client entertainment exhibition and theme park amusement.

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