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Dinosaurs Jurassic Park Entertainment

Dinosaurs don’t extinct, they are live in our life. The New year Jan 22, 2017, Zigong China – “Dinosaur hometown” open the first Animatronic Dinosaur Village to take our back to Jurassic Park experience the real dinosaurs.

Dinosaur park

Dinosaur village Zigong China

Dinosaur Park exhibition

Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition

In the Dinosaurs Village, about over 200 pieces animatronic dinosaur appears in the jungle. E.g. dinosaur King - T rex big voice around the village, Pterosaurs is flying in sky, Stegosaurus walking around looking for food etc. They look like real dinosaurs big migration in primitive jungle and vivid sounded to attractive many visitors. 

Animatronic Dinosaur Entertainment

Dinosaur Jurassic Park

Dinosaur Park entertainment

Dinosaur Village enterainment 
Except see these lifelike animatronic dinosaur, visitors also interactive with dinosaur costume cosplay, you can watch baby dinosaur hatch eggs, or dig dinosaur fossil in ground, or walking with dinosaur ride, and experience escape from giant dinosaur T rex mouth etc. That’s real cool exciting!

Animatronic Dinosaur Amusement

Dinosaur Ride entertainment

Dinosaur Costume Cosplay

Dinosaur T rex exhibition 
Pestyle's dinosaur expert and engineers’ professional skill with the project team members to make the Dinosaurs Village project well done. We make high quality lifelike animatronic dinosaur to expert many overseas countries to be good commended by clients and people enjoy the dinosaurs experience entertainment.

Dinosaur Park exhibition

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