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Dinosaurs Lantern Festival Art Crafts Zigong Sichuan China

Zigong, Sichuan, China is well known “Dinosaurs Lantern Festival Hometown” and “Lantern Town in China” at domestic and overseas. The lantern art crafts of Zigong has 800 years history, and with dinosaur skeleton had been discovered in Zigong, she was listed as Global Geopark. Pestylelivedino top manufacturer located in Zigong to dedicate development the wonderful art crafts in worldwide.  

China lantern festival 
With every year China traditional Spring Festival coming, Zigong holds annually “International Dinosaurs Lantern Festival” attractive many domestic and overseas visitors to enjoy the culture and arts exchange and entertainment. Welcome to Zigong, you not only can visit amazing dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur fossil in Dinosaur Museum, but also enjoy the wonderful lantern festival art crafts world.

China lanterns exhibition
2017 the 23th “International Dinosaurs Lantern Festival” will be open soon, not only the “lantern Park” is colorful lights, the whole city is light up on many street colorful wonderful lights. Lantern works decorate tress of street with colorful lights to light the dark night with joyful festival atmosphere.

Making lanterns on tree

Lantern tree of street

Lantern tree colorful lights

Lantern street display

Lantern festival exhibition
Ready? Let’s go share the joyful festival time in the amazing art crafts Dinosaurs Lantern Festival World.

dinosaur skeleton exhibition

Lantern world Zigong Sichuan China

Lantern festival exhibition Zigong Sichuan China Free Import Export Trade Leads
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