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Dinosaurs Lantern Festival Celebration New Year 2017

On Jan 27, China will celebrate Luna New Year 2017, that’s China most important traditional Festival. And visiting Lantern Festival is the main activity in the Festival. Zigong – the China Lantern City is well known for worldwide, and “Zigong the 23th International Dinosaurs Lantern Festival” is open now to celebrate the joyful China Luna New Year with attractive many visitors from domestic and overseas.

dinosaur lanterns

lantern phoenix

lantern camel
Zigong is not only "Dinosaur Hometown" make lifelike animatronic dinosaur, but also "China Lantern City", she makes Lanterns are over 800 years history, and has the exhibition in many overseas counties, e.g. US, UK, Italy, Netherland, Australia, New Zealand, Korean, Japan etc. Pestyle expert artist and professional workers make the amazing Lantern Festival well done, it’s our honor and happiness. This year Zigong Lantern Festival subject is traditional Chinese culture with western culture to show the open and harmony world. You can see China national treasure – cute panda family, the well-known “The Silk Road”, China Mascot – Phoenix and Sichuan local culture scenery. And you also can experience western culture landscape, e.g. Netherland windmill, Jesus Church, Muslin mosque etc.

lantern dinosaurs

lantern panda

lantern festival exhibition

China lanterns

lanterns exhibition

China lanterns

lantern park 
The colorful lights lantern festival not only lights Zigong, China, but also lights the world to make Chinese and world people happiness to strive better flourish in coming days.  

China lantern festival

lantern buddha

lantern buildings

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