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Ice age species originated in Tibet?

You must watch Disney popular movie " Ice Age " to know these well know Ice age animals, e.g. Mammoth, Saber-toothed tiger, wild horses, big horned deer, Woolly rhinoceros. Our North America clients customized these animatronic animals to let these extinct ice age animals back to our life. And by recently news, Chinese scientists overturn Darwin conjecture: Ice age species originated in Tibet?

animatronic animals ice age animal exhibition

animatronic animals museum exhibition

animatronic animals mammoth park exhibition
When we see these lifelike animatronic animals, you’d know more some of ice age animals. Maybe you hear some news before, the ice age disappeared thousands of years ago, and most of the ice age animals are extinct as they were unable to adapt to the increasingly warm climate. Darwin, in the publication of the "species origin" published in 1859, suggests that the glacial animals originate from the Arctic, and that the water of life with Life debris stay the top of mountain by the water rising from the Arctic low to the equatorial highlands. As The Arctic is cold, the ice before the beginning of the century, these animals can only live in the Arctic Circle, with the arrival of the ice in the cold, the animals left the Arctic spread to the rest of the world. While its right of Darwin’s idea?

animatronic animals Saber-toothed tiger

animatronic animals woolly rhinoceros shopping mall exhibition
With Chinese scientist more discovery and study, they get more discovery about glacial animal origin. They found the earliest woolly rhinoceros fossil in Tibet and with more searching and verification, Chinese scientist Reversed Darwin's point of view and propose the new hypothesis of "Glacial animals out of Tibet". That means in the warm global environment before the ice age, the glacial animals can only stay on the plateau, 2.5 million years of ice age began, glacial animals out of Tibet, spread to reach the Gansu Linxia Basin in China, in 200 million years when it reached the Hebei Mud River in China, in 750 thousand years when it arrived in Siberia. That’s the irreversible life migration for Millions of years.

animatronic animals big horned deer

animatronic animals giant bear
So except for dinosaur fossil and dinosaur skeleton, basic the new hypothesis of "Glacial animals out of Tibet", Chinese scientist find Snow Leopard ancestors fossil, the ancestors of the Arctic fox fossil, they are out of Tibet when Ice Age coming and their descendants developed more adaptability, such as going to Africa, to South America, and thus formed a basis for the present Earth's biological diversity. Today, when we see these life-sized animatronic animals of glacial animals, we will more understand the ancient animals live and progress in the long history river.

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