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Transformer And E.T. Character Statues Entertainment

We keen on American science fiction film “ E.T.- the Extra-Terrestrial “, the character figures E.T. is popular in life. Our North America client customized the E.T. movie figures and some transformer, Pestyle artist make lifelike character statues by sponge and fiberglass with customer’s good commend for high quality art crafts.

E.T. character stautes

E.T. movie figures

transformer character statues
By recently news, one of US major general Navy public his magical experience of visiting center flying saucer base by airplane. He said in his diary, in Feb 1947, he led an expedition, from the Arctic into the Earth inside, and found a huge base of the UFO and the ground has been extinct animals and plants, in this base is still living with high-tech "Superman." But this information has been the blocked long time by US government. So that aliens and UFO once again become a hot topic for Americans to talk about. Like as the transformer, that’s how we are so interested in the movie figures E.T. and try to make these character statues show in our life.

E.T. character figures

robot transformer statue

robot transformer character statues model 
This time our client customized the character statues E.T. movie figures let us feel real E.T. by entertainment and more study the mysterious “Superman”. E.T. is Like as the transformer, they are magical and be favorable for many kids and people with good entertainment.

transformer character statues model

transformer statues model

transformer sculpture model

robot character statues

transformer character figures model

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